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Yes, it's true. You can make money in internet porn..

The first step in making money in the internet adult business is signing for an affiliate program. The way it works is simple - you make a website, put the sponsor's ads on it and refer surfers to them. If a surfer signs up for one of their sites - you get paid. Usually around $30 - $40 per sign up.

We have listed here ONLY the best converting, and the most reliable adult affiliate programs that keep generating us serious revenue each month. There is no point signing up with dozens of minor affiliate programs because you will hardly ever get paid for your efforts with them. The way to make the most money seems to be to sign up with well established and respected companies that cover just about every niche you can think of and pay you on time each week or every two weeks. All of the below companies also give you free content and banerless free hosting so you can get started right away at no cost whatsoever!

Below are the only adult affiliate programs you need to join:


Adult webcams. Very easy to promote.
- Earn $1.50+ for a free email signup for My Free Cams.
- Earn 15% revenue share on My Free Cams .
- Up to $75 per sign up for several other websites.

Stripper Cash
- They have a very innovative and popular product called VirtuaGirl. They are pretty easy to sell even on mainstream sites like wallpaper websites, funny video sites, etc. They pay 50% of all the money spent by the member you refer, for life.


Porn Money



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